Become the Teacher

Pick an app and prepare a 10 minute demo. You should talk about the advantages of the app, how to use it and the cost. No duplicates–if someone has selected your app, you need to choose a different one.

Sign up for date of presentation (identify the app and yourself) through comments. First come, first served, no duplicates.

March 4, 2019– 5 student presentations
Giselle Lucero – VSCO

March 18, 2019– 5 student presentations
Iffath Chaity: LINE Camera
Cheryl Greenman: Sticky
Giselle Lucero – VSCO
Talia Roth– Boomerang
Simrah Ali–Repix

March 25, 2019– 5 student presentations
Jenny Lin, App: Afterlight
Matthew W. Super power FX
Thamare Rejouis–App- Plan
Ling Shi, App: Pitu


April 1, 2019– 3 student presentations
Susana Hernandez– App -Photo editor
Melody-Wonder Video
Cynthia Rodriguez– Pic Collage


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15 Responses to Become the Teacher

  1. Giselle Lucero – VSCO -March 4 2019

  2. Jenny Lin says:

    Jenny Lin, App: Afterlight, March 25

  3. Iffath Chaity: LINE Camera, March 18

  4. Cheryl Greenman: Sticky- March 18

  5. matt7 says:

    Matthew W. Afterlight March 25

  6. Susana says:

    Susana Hernandez

    Photo editor

  7. cipotaxloca says:

    App -Photo editor

    Susana Hernandez

    April 1st

  8. Grace Chiang says:

    Iffath Chaity: LINE Camera

  9. lingshi says:

    Ling Shi, App: Pitu, March 25

  10. trejouis2 says:

    Thamare Rejouis
    App- Plan

    March 25

  11. Talia Roth says:

    Talia Roth
    March 18

  12. simrahali says:

    Simrah Ali
    March 18

  13. matt7 says:

    Super power FX

  14. Grace Chiang says:

    Camera 360
    April 8

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